As feminist as I’m going to get



Because you guys, who the fuck doesn’t like a nice ass? Really though, I love and praise the booty just as much as the next guy but when are you pushing the praise too far? When are you crossing the line and becoming a complete asshole???  

I’ll tell you babies. When you are following a girl around campus on school, the mall, rave, grocery store or any other place to yell this racy shit at her about “dat ass” is when you’re crossing the line. When you’re yelling at her from the other end of the hallway or stairs “damn mama” and you literally don’t know her, that is when you’re being a total dick. Don’t try to touch it, how dare you! Because it’s nice and you like it? Because you think it’s cute to reference you as to a kid in a candy shop? You, mistaken little boy, are gravely mistaken.

My ass is not for you. It’s for me, and maybe my boyfriend’s viewing pleasure. It looked nice as shit before I was pregnant and I’ve been working so hard to get it looking fine as FUCK since I’ve had my son and brought him home from the NICU. My booty is off limits to you people.

So you say maybe I shouldn’t let my ass get so nice and then you’d be able to look past it?? WELL THEN, Douchey McGreggor, let me fuckin enlighten you! If you are really that incapable of not controlling your god damn actions then maybe you should look into getting some mother fuckin help! You are a sad individual lacking any class and common sense. I would really like to know what fucking makes you think that what you said to me is not only okay, but makes sense. Dare I say this is open for debate? Because just because my ass looks nice and just because I wear whatever it is that I choose to wear, how does it justify your harassment and stalking actions?  I’m sure if I heard your answer it sadly would fail to cease amazement to me due to how ignorant you may sound.

In conclusion, don’t try to justify your perverted and disgusting actions that lowers another persons perspective of you.
**drop the mic**

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