So much has happened this week! It was basically the start for the rest of my life if I can be soo cliché. I started college, finally, and holy shit if feels so fucking great to be back in school again!!!! I’m majoring in mental health science and I don’t think I could be any happier or more proud of myself. I already know my weight will significantly decrease due to lack of calories and, oh yeah, THE FACT THAT ALL MY FUCKING CLASSES INVOLVE ME GOING UP AT LEAST 2 -4 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS!!!!! But hey, that’s okay because I’ll get my body back and be happy with how I look naked again so win/win here I guess. My son started daycare like a complete champ. Didn’t cry when I’d drop him off and on his very first day he had his first kiss! Some cute baby girl with strawberry blonde hair named Allison [im sorry Alison’s dad]. I was so scared as a mom choosing daycare because of all the horror stories you hear, but this center could not please me anymore! They are such an amazing provider and I love them so much. They send me pictures and updates on my son while I’m busy at school so I don’t have to worry as much about him. I love that the people looking after my sons well being actually cares for and loves him. Also, Josh, my boyfriend, finally quit working for Walmart and I’m so happy for him! The season of EMS workers has started again so he’s working for  West Coast Medic and he also had a formal interview with the donor transplant network people just this past Monday. I’m extremely hopeful that he will get this job. He more than definitely deserves it…..if that even makes any sense. I am so excited to see how the rest of our year will turn out to be. I’m so optimistic for our lives together. This is the journey I was born for.

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